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Matt Hartley.

Doer of all things Desktop Linux.

Linux Support Lead at Framework Computer Inc. Opinions here are my own.


Linux Support Lead - Framework Computer Inc
Nov 2022 – Present
Leads the Linux support effort across all relevant social surfaces where Framework has a presence. Helps build online documentation around popular Linux distributions, provides Linux technical support, and works with internal Framework teams to ensure a quality experience for Framework Linux customers globally.

● Assists in the architecture of Framework’s Linux support infrastructure and prepares for scale and global expansion.

● Engages with Framework’s growing Linux Community across multiple social surfaces providing both development updates and technical support.

● Builds out detailed guides and knowledge base articles focused on Linux distribution setup, hardware compatibility, and issue troubleshooting.

● Provides technical support for escalated Tier 3 issues support ticketing system.

● Identifies, documents, and escalates Linux issues on Framework hardware to internal engineering teams and liaises with external resources to resolve them.
Tech Support Technician - System76
Mar 2022 – Nov 2022
Handpicked to align the technology support vision with the business strategy while balancing organizational considerations, current technology, business priorities, and operational processes. Working with Linux exclusively; triaging whether an issue a customer is facing is Linux/software or hardware related. Provides expert-level support to all our client’s applications. Manages the support tickets within the allocated time frames to avoid delays in response. Responds to tickets with either a request for additional information, logs, or provides an immediate resolution. Interacts with support teams through Slack and Discord.

● Provided Support via Email through Zendesk. Supported different clients and exceeded a 90% first contact resolution goal.

● Successfully made a presentation on Linux audio to non-technical workplace audiences, increasing audience engagement.

● Developed a script that a customer could run and would take care of the complicated elements of file sharing on a Linux computer.

● Continuously achieved operational efficiency and performance by consistently meeting and exceeding established goals and expectations while providing ongoing support, training, and performance.

Founder/Community Manager - Old School
Sep 2020 – Jun 2022
Established and launched a community space from the ground up, a community that serves as an escape for those wishing to remember what life was like decades ago. Engaged the community with games, memes, and silly tidbits of nostalgia for 1980s pop culture, though challenging, a lot of fun. Participated in other 80s nostalgia-focused communities to share relevant posts from my membership site. Responded to members’ comments on shared articles or videos, exchanged ideas, and shared fun memories of the period discussed in the content.
Community Manager - OpenShot Studios LLC
May 2020 – Dec 2020
Established and maintained client relations by providing “white-glove” technical support and serving as a direct line of contact for the community on behalf of OpenShot. Advocated on behalf of the OpenShot community the wishes and support needed for the OpenShot developers. Answered email tickets for support, created how-to videos, promoted community projects on Twitter, and created informational posts on OpenShot’s Reddit and Facebook pages.

● Successfully updated and organized the company’s Reddit page, enabled tagging to help stream bugs and questions, and assisted users simply looking to share their creations.

● Consistently maintained a 95% average satisfaction score through a passion for exceptional customer service.

● Served as a point of contact for escalations, constantly adapting my workflow to meet the demands of the community.

Linux Projects

wi-fi-fixer Ubuntu Edition
wi-fi-fixer Ubuntu Edition
Linux Wi-Fi script for detecting and fixing common Checks if the wifi radio is off, turns it on, restarts NetworkManager if down, then fixes it by restarting NetworkManager (GNOME), checks for Airplane mode. turns it off, checks for Intel wifi modules, if not loaded - detects and loads them, is a VPN causing problems? Checks for VPNs in case it's blocking something, it will tell you if you're connected to the wrong Wi-Fi WAP.
A simple pyudev script to detect if the dGPU is in low power state or not for the Framework Laptop 16; with dGPU attached.
Wi-Fi Drop Tester
Wi-Fi Drop Tester
A simple tool for testing for Wi-Fi drops with MediaTek/Intel cards.
A simple application to verify if desired applications are running with discrete graphics

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