About Me

Community manager for the Old School Community on Locals. Additionally, I have worked with Linux desktops for well over a decade, my operating system experience consists of both Windows and Linux operating platforms. I’ve also worked as a podcast producer, co-host and technology writer. For general inquiries, you can reach me at matt(at)matthartley.com

Founder and Talking Head

Sept 2020 – Present  (Weekends) · Old School Community

I’m the community manager for the Old School Community on Locals. I handle the community management elements of OldSchool.Locals.com. Old School serves as an escape for those wishing to remember what life was like in decades past. Here we share funny stories of our youth, take pride in doing things the “old school” way. Each post here allows us to remember memories, pop culture and TV/movies from the 1960s. 1970s, and 1980s.

Community Manager

May 2020 – Dec 2020 · OpenShot Studios, LLC

I handled end user questions on social media and GitHub, community outreach. I also provide how-tos and teach others how to use the OpenShot video editor using video tutorials.

WordPress Administrator

June 2017 – Sept 2020 · Contract Work

Installation, repair and overall day-to-day management of WordPress websites for contract clients. Additional tasks include backup management, hardening WordPress installations, integrating video/audio into existing WordPress sites.

Freelance Contributor

June 2007 – July 2018 · Datamation

Wrote editorial articles on Linux/Open Source software for Datamation.com. Articles presented offer an in-depth topic analysis.

Community Manager / Freelance Consultant

Feb 2006 – Dec 2016 · Earth Networks

Built the Earth Networks Backyard Weather Community from the ground up. Moderated posts and approved member requests. Provided back-end support for the community website, also helped beta test new consumer and professional weather monitoring software. I also handled Earth Networks’s Backyard Community social channels.

Founder & Tech

July 2003 – Aug 2008 · Computer Troubleshoot

Managed my own PC Repair Business. Directed the business end of things while handling the technical challenges my clients faced. Tackled typical computer issues, while educating clients on how to best use their PCs.

Producer & Co-Founder

June 2005 – June 2007 · Weezy and The Swish

TechTV’s Laura Swisher, myself and Premiere Radio co-founder Louise Palanker created an audio podcast in the spirit of comedy called ‘Weezy and The Swish.’ Audio production work was handled by Matt Sigman, while I handled the website and RSS/podcasting syndication.