The Definitive Guide to Cove Smart, The New Home Security System

There are a few different ways to make your home more secure these days. Some people opt for a pricey new door lock, some invest in a new security system, and others go for a guard dog. But what if you could have all three? Cove Smart is a company that specializes in creating products that blend the best of home security and smart technology. They offer some pretty innovative products. In this post, you’ll learn some facts about their product line as well as what they can do for you.

What You’ll Learn About Cove Smart

In this post, you’ll find out a bit about Cove Smart and their product line. You’ll learn how the products work, why they’re important for your home, and what you can expect from them.

  • Cove Smart is a company that provides a variety of smart home security products. Cove offers several different options for monitoring your home while it’s occupied or not. In addition to these services, they also offer a HomeKit enabled app that lets you view your home from anywhere using your mobile device.
  • The app is free with the purchase of any Cove Smart product. It allows you to control all of the products in your house from one easy-to-use dashboard. From turning off lights when you’re on vacation to summoning a family member because there’s an emergency, the app has you covered!
  • As far as their hardware goes, Cove Smart includes a variety of sensors that help alert homeowners when something is wrong in their home. There are motion detectors for detecting motion at night before entering an area, smoke alarms that will sound if there’s a fire in your house, and doorbell cameras so you can see who’s at the door before opening it – no matter where you are!

The Cove Smart Story



Cove Smart started as a team of three people who wanted to create a more secure home. One of the founders, Mark Hupp, knew that no matter how much money he spent on security it wouldn’t be enough. So they set out to find a way for homeowners to feel more secure and safer in their own homes.

What they came up with is the Cove Smart Security and Automation System. It’s compatible with all major brands and can be customized to fit your specific needs. With the Cove Smart system you’ll get:

  • Website monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Email notification
  • Push notifications
  • Cellular backup

How Cove Smart Works

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Cove Smart’s products are all wireless and work with a home’s preexisting WiFi network. The products use Bluetooth technology to transmit information from the sensors to your smartphone, which you can then share with family members or friends.

The company offers a variety of different products, including a Motion Detector, Door Sensor, and a Window Alarm. All three of these sensors work on an app that syncs up to your WiFi network. Each sensor has its own purpose:

  • The Motion Detector will alert you when someone is in the area.
  • The Window Alarm lets you know if anyone has opened or closed a window on your property.
  • A water leak sensor. Let the system alert you immediately if water is leaking on the floor, or other flat surfaces.
  • And the Door Sensor lets you know if someone has entered through the door.

The Advantages of Cove Smart Home Security


Cove Smart offers a variety of different products that are designed to make your home smart and secure. The company has an extensive line of products, including wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras, light panels for exterior homes, doorbells with cameras, thermostats, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

The homeowners who love Cove Smart say they appreciate the convenience of being able to monitor their home remotely. Â They also find the prices reasonable compared to other companies in the market. Â Additionally, they like that there are no long-term contracts required. And most importantly, they’re thrilled about how easy it is to set up the product themselves!

But what does all this have to do with you? Whether you’re thinking about investing in smart technology for your home or not—or if you just want some awesome new gadgets for your house—read on to learn more about Cove Smart!


  • When you purchase your new home security system, you want to know that it will empower you to protect your loved ones and property. The Cove Smart system does just that.
  • It’s easy to install, affordable, and has unbeatable customer service.
  • On top of that, Cove Smart is the only system with patented motion detectors.
  • If you want a custom home security system that will keep you and your family safe, check out Cove Smart today!


Available Cove Smart Security Packages From

  1.  Cove – 8 Piece Home Security Alarm System – Wireless – 24/7 Professional Monitoring – No Contracts – Smart Phone Control – Touch Screen Panel – Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  2. Cove – 10 Piece Home Security Alarm System – Wireless – 24/7 Professional Monitoring – No Contracts – Smart Phone Control – Touch Screen Panel – Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa 

  3. Cove – 13 Piece Home Security Alarm System – Wireless – 24/7 Professional Monitoring – No Contracts – Smart Phone Control – Touch Screen Panel – Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa 


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