Terminal Prompt Warrior – Forget TimeShift and OBS

Back in June of this year, OMG Ubuntu gave us a heads up that the Linux backup tool TimeShift would become a Linux Mint XApp. Linux Mint taking this on is fantastic news for those who like using TimeShift on Linux machines where a GUI tool is the best option.

Terminal Prompt Warrior - Forget TimeShift and OBS


After reading the OMG Ubuntu article, it got me thinking – what if TimeShift, BackInTime, and other similar backup tools were to disappear? Think about it, a world filled with Linux users who cannot locate simple GUI applications to handle their data backups reliably! It would be chaos, would it not?

Now let’s unleash further madness…what if OBS lost its principal developer?

Poof, OBS is gone! Then shortly after, SimpleScreenRecorder, among other similar GUI applications, disappeared! What would we do? Well, I’m about to tell you. Keep reading.

After reading the rest of this article, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal. Best of all, you will learn to do things using the terminal that may not have occurred to you previously.

Let’s rock and roll. (Read the rest)