Let’s Try Gnome Boxes

Every once in a blue moon, I “get a wild hair” and decide to try something new. Well, new to me, that is. And there is no question in my mind that Boxes qualifies. After all, I’ve been a VirtualBox user for years. Before that, some limited usage with VMWare.

Gnome Boxes

What the heck is Boxes?

Setting aside the fact that Gnome Boxes sounds like a “Smurfs cartoon spin-off, ” it looks pretty interesting. Boxes uses QEMU, KVM, and libvirt virtualization technologies. And together, they form Voltron; er, I mean Boxes.

At its core, the idea behind Boxes appears to focus on providing its users with the ability to run virtual machines in a reliable, no-nonsense environment. Keeping with its Gnome core user experience, the entire software layout is pretty minimalistic. (Read the rest)