Fixed My Hijacked FeedBurner RSS Feed

UPDATE! Issue has been resolved, thanks to the great folks at Linode for their swift action honoring my copyright and taking down the infringing content. Linode continues to set the standard for high standards and honoring DMCA requests.

Years ago, I ran a website. It was a wonderful website, with contributors, myself and we wrote about doing really cool stuff using Linux. A couple of years ago, I let the domain lapse and moved onto other projects. Within a few weeks of this, some creep decided it would be fun to scrape my content that we created, buy the now lapsed domain and make it appear that the website was back up and running.

Folks, this isn’t me and this isn’t anyone on the contributor page. Today an article about how to stream webcams using Linux went out and it contained sensitive material that I certainly don’t deem family friendly. If you see this article in your inbox, delete it and ignore it. I have fixed the RSS feed and you will no longer receive this type of trash.

Today, I’ll be reaching out to the “new” domain registrar being used. I will provide them with evidence that will with any luck, get the domain put to bed once and for all. Why not name the domain here? Because of what these creeps have done to it is so awful, I need to get it taken down immediately.

I’ve tried emailing them multiple times. Both contact page and registrar contact info – no dice. Now I work on getting the domain itself removed because this affects my personal brand and the names of people listed on the contributor page…which this creep left up.