How To Use Your Webcam On Linux

There was a time not too many years ago when using secondary devices like webcams would have been a nightmare with most Linux distributions. Then one day, a single individual changed everything with a single focus – making webcams work with Linux distributions of the era. French programmer Michel Xhaard took the bull by the horns … Read more

Samba on Linux the Easy Way

Samba file sharing isn’t tricky. There, I said it. End of the article? Not so fast home slice. Intermediate to advanced Linux users would likely agree with the previous statement. And to a lesser degree, I do as well. Once you understand what is needed, a basic Samba share isn’t a big deal.   Things go … Read more

Let’s Try Gnome Boxes

Every once in a blue moon, I “get a wild hair” and decide to try something new. Well, new to me, that is. And there is no question in my mind that Boxes qualifies. After all, I’ve been a VirtualBox user for years. Before that, some limited usage with VMWare. What the heck is Boxes? Setting aside the … Read more

Terminal Prompt Warrior – Forget TimeShift and OBS

Back in June of this year, OMG Ubuntu gave us a heads up that the Linux backup tool TimeShift would become a Linux Mint XApp. Linux Mint taking this on is fantastic news for those who like using TimeShift on Linux machines where a GUI tool is the best option.   After reading the OMG Ubuntu article, it … Read more