Brave Search Rocks

When search engines first came onto the scene, they were easily manipulated and often tricked into providing users with search results that were less than helpful. Google, was supposed to be the answer to all of that.

Then a new startup offered to address this problem. Named Google, the search engine company did provide us with accurate search results. Then in recent years, Google began to censor results they deemed to be inaccurate or providing what Google deemed to be false information.

On the surface, I can understand the concern over one being duped by something that is dangerous information or just plain mean spirited. But by the same token, having a search engine in charge of what is accurate, is also a dangerous precedent that should be considered. Not because I disagree with their findings, rather, I disagree with them having findings in the first place. Search engines should not be in charge of deciding what is or isn’t accurate. Adults with an ounce of commonsense, should be instead.

From the good folks that have produced the privacy focused browser known as Brave Browser, comes a search engines that is both privacy focused and also doesn’t censor search results – Brave Search.

One of the neat things about Brave Search is that it’s not repackaged Bing/Yandex like DuckDuckGo. Yes, I know there are fans – I think it blows and I stand by that assesement as it’s literally the same results as I was getting with Bing. If I wanted Bing, I’d use Bing. ‘Nough said.

Brave Search Results are promising

Even though Brave Search is still in active beta, it’s already providing some outstanding results based on my daily testing. Additionally, it also allows you to use Google or Bing for search result fallback queries if needed. I’ve only needed to do this with one set of queries – local.

Brave Search’s local results are unfortunately IP based. See, unlike Google which digs deep to figure out specifically where you live, Brave only works based on a very limited IP based result. Better for privacy, lousy for accuracy.

Brave Search is walking a fine line on this front and I totally get that it needs to keep privacy ahead of accuracy for local results. However, I’d prefer Brave Search gave us an option to allow for a box to enter my zip code manually. Gives the end user complete control over their privacy, but also means the local results aren’t useless.

Brave as a Google Search Killer

Can Brave Search outright knock off Google Search? Not likely, however, I think if they remain open to feedback then could de-throne Bing and DuckDuckGo. One of the biggies that would make them standout is to include Odysee videos for howtos and other non-YouTube video sources. It would not only differentiate itself from Google in this way, it would help once again show itself as a champion for non-censorship as YouTube is ripe with this plague.